Mountain View, CA

Job Type

Full Time, Evening Shift

Job Description

Under general supervision by the Medical Director, Histology Supervisor and/or the Lead  Histotechnologist, the Histotech performs Moderate Complexity testing: specimen processing,  embedding, microtomy of all tissue types: surgical, biopsies, cell blocks. 

Location: Mountain View, CA Availability: Full-time, evening shift 

Duties also include:  

• Completion of quality control records, maintenance of supplies and reagents and  performance of general preventive maintenance on laboratory equipment. 

• Set up H&E and stain manually when needed. 

• Cut Control slides 

• Perform automated H/E stainer. 

• Other duties as assigned. 

Key Responsibilities 

• Tissue processing: Accurately and dependably operates tissue processors according to  proper schedules. 

• Embedding: Properly orients tissue into accurate mold in an acceptable time frame. 

• Microtomy: Prepares slides for microscopic examination and analysis for final  diagnosis by the pathologist, while ensuring proper protocol is followed. 

• Staining: Processes all stains in a timely and accurate manner. Ability to recognize  staining problems, perform various automated staining (i.e. H&E, immunohistochemistry, and special stains) 

• Prepares tissue specimens for pathologist to obtain data for use in diagnosis and treatment  of disease 

• Maintains cleanliness of work area. 

• Minimum of embedding and cutting of 100 blocks at an 8 hour shift while maintaining  high quality slides and conserves tissues. 

• Performs chemical hazardous waste disposal according to current operating policies and  procedures in line with regulatory guidelines. 

• Clarifies, reports, and documents quality issues, including (but not limited to), inadequate  grossing, incorrect tissue handling protocols, tissue block discordance, or other concerns  regarding handling of a specimen.


• High School Diploma required; Associates degree in Biology/Chemistry preferred. 

• Two (2) year experience in embedding and microtomy in a high volume acute care  hospital histology laboratory within the last 5 years 

• Ability to multi-task 

• Must have the ability to perform in a high volume laboratory.

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