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Dialysis Center Manager


Job Type

Full Time

Job Description

The Center Manager (Registered Nurse) is responsible for the day to day operations of the  dialysis center. This includes, but not is not limited to patient, center, personnel, and financial  management.  

The Center Manager (CM) possesses a strong understanding of the quality performance  assessment and improvement program. This role assesses and proactively addresses potential  patient and/or staff safety issues. 

The CM is considered an experienced expert in the field who  acts as a liaison to physicians. This position communicates with patients, physicians, direct  reports and other co-workers.  

The CM is a team leader who educates and mentors staff members as appropriate. This position  also provides nursing support services to the center for unscheduled absences or for patient care,  as needed. This component of the job is variable and will be defined in conjunction with the  director.

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